Head Coach - Colleen Demille

about curling

Curling is a tactical indoor winter sport that many of our athletes enjoy. It requires strategy, physical ability and team effort. Athletes work in teams of four in an attempt to place their rocks closest to the center of a series of four rings called the house.

Sport Status

Curling is a sport that is recognized at the Provincial and National level. Athletes can compete in club level matches, District Competitions, Provincial Games and National Games.

Sport Season

Curling is a Winter sport for SOO and SOC. The season usually runs from October to March. Curling is one of the sports at the Provincial and National Winter Games.

Athlete to Coach Ratios

The ratios are minimum athlete to coach requirements for not only Conference competitions, Provincial, and National Games, but for all Special Olympics Ontario competitions and practices. They ensure that athletes are safe and supervised at all times.

Athlete/Coach Ratio Curling ( 5:1 )

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