Safe sport


  • Knowing how to recognize the signs and symptoms of a concussion, and what to do if a concussion happens – whether you’re an athlete, a student, a parent, a coach, a volunteer, an official or an educator– saves lives. The Ontario Government is committed to implementing Rowan’s Law by putting concussion safety information in the hands of people who need it most. Increasing awareness and changing conversations in sport, at school and in our homes, will result in transformative change to the way in which concussions are managed in amateur competitive sport and beyond.

What does this mean for SOO members?

All SOO members (athletes, volunteers, coaches) participating in in-person programming are required to review the concussion resource options below annually and sign off that they understand and have reviewed the resources.

Members must review one or both of the following resources:

1. Rowan’s Law Guide for Students & Athletes of All Abilities. (this can be read as an e-booklet, or printed and reviewed at practice)

2. Concussion Education for Special Olympics Athletes Video (can be viewed individually or as a group)

IMPORTANT: all members must sign off on having reviewed the above resources before, or at the first session of each season. Members will be asked to sign off on having reviewed the resources in their Portal account, or through a paper copy of the SOO annual waivers. If you have questions about this please contact your head coach, community coordinator, or SOO Program Consultant.

Rowan's Law Resource Review Tracking Sheet

What does this mean for an SOO Club?

  1. All clubs must appoint a Designated Person.

  2. All Suspected/known concussions must be reported through our SOO Accident & Incident form

Mandatory safe sport nccp course

All Special Olympics Ontario Coaches and Volunteers are required to take the NCCP Safe Sport Course as part of their onbording or by June, 2022. Proof of certification will need to be recorded in each members Portal account. Please contact your Program Consultant if you have any questions about the Safe Sport course.